SF Bicycle Coalition Announces Win for Bike Share for All Campaign

SF Bicycle Coalition pic
SF Bicycle Coalition
Image: sfbike.org

A former race car driver, Danny Olmstead owns East Bay Holding Company Co., LP, and Residential Foreclosure Wholesale, LLC, both of which are in Tracy, California. An active individual, Danny Olmstead belongs to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

As one of the oldest and strongest bicycle-advocacy groups in the country, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was begun in 1971 by activists who belonged to neighborhood and environmental groups.

In October 2016, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition announced that its Bike Share for All campaign, launched in 2015, received assistance from Motivate and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Since not everyone can afford bikes in the Bay Area, and transportation is the second-highest household expense in the city, the campaign seeks to provide bicycles to low-income people. Motivate and MTC announced that they would remain committed to the program offered by Ford GoBike, the local bike-sharing system serving the area. In addition, Motivate, a global bike-share company, will offer $5 first-year memberships to low-income families.