Commonwealth Club Recognizes California Writers

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Commonwealth Club

An experienced executive, Danny Olmstead formerly served as the VP of General Operations for WDO, Inc. Danny Olmstead remains involved in his community as a member of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco is a national public affairs forum that facilitates numerous, impartial discussions/events on a variety of topics. One of its longest-running functions is the California Book Awards.

The club’s annual California Book Awards, founded in 1931, recognizes California’s leading writers in categories such as fiction, non-fiction, young adult, poetry, and Californiana. Each year, the organization’s panel of judges receives hundreds of submissions, and contest winners often go on to pursue lucrative careers in writing. As one of the oldest literary awards in the nation, the California Book Awards has presented medals to a variety of recognizable names in the literary world, including John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, and Amy Tan. To view this year’s winners, visit