Martin de Porres House of Hospitality Remembers Barbara Collier

Barbara Collier pic
Barbara Collier

Danny Olmstead is the owner of East Bay Holding Co., LP. Among his duties are investing and renovating properties in the San Francisco area. Outside of work, Danny Olmstead volunteers at St. Martin de Porres as an assistant chef.

St. Martin de Porres is also known as the Martin de Porres House of Hospitality. It is a place where those who may be homeless, hungry, and in need of assistance are served meals with compassion. Volunteers for the organization serve the church by working Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, and sometimes Sunday. The organization provides both breakfast and lunch to individuals in need.

The website of Martin de Porres House of Hospitality has a permanent page dedicated to remembering Barbara Collier, a volunteer for the organization who dedicated over 30 years of her life to serving others. During her time volunteering at the organization she met the Dalai Lama, who praised her efforts. She passed away in September of 2009, leaving behind a legacy of giving to others and taking pleasure in the beauty of nature.


SF Bicycle Coalition Announces Win for Bike Share for All Campaign

SF Bicycle Coalition pic
SF Bicycle Coalition

A former race car driver, Danny Olmstead owns East Bay Holding Company Co., LP, and Residential Foreclosure Wholesale, LLC, both of which are in Tracy, California. An active individual, Danny Olmstead belongs to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

As one of the oldest and strongest bicycle-advocacy groups in the country, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was begun in 1971 by activists who belonged to neighborhood and environmental groups.

In October 2016, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition announced that its Bike Share for All campaign, launched in 2015, received assistance from Motivate and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Since not everyone can afford bikes in the Bay Area, and transportation is the second-highest household expense in the city, the campaign seeks to provide bicycles to low-income people. Motivate and MTC announced that they would remain committed to the program offered by Ford GoBike, the local bike-sharing system serving the area. In addition, Motivate, a global bike-share company, will offer $5 first-year memberships to low-income families.

University Club of San Francisco Sponsored 2016 NetSuite Open


2016 NetSuite Open pic
2016 NetSuite Open

A graduate of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, Danny Olmstead owns and serves as an investor at East Bay Holding Co., LP, located in nearby Tracy. He also owns another Tracy-based company, Residential Foreclosure Wholesale, LLC. Involved in his community, Danny Olmstead is a member in good standing of the University Club of San Francisco.

Founded in 1890 with the help of local university alumni, the University Club of San Francisco has members dedicated to community service and fellowship. The club’s headquarters was designed by local architects William Faville and Walter Bliss, and built after the 1906 earthquake. The clubhouse, situated atop Nob Hill, is a worldwide center for the sport of squash.

The University Club sponsors several squash tournaments, including the 2016 NetSuite Open, which ran from September 27 through October 1. Members received access to VIP box seats, discounted tickets, and opportunities to play on glass courts. They also had a chance to visit the VIP Champions Gardens and enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres before and during the games. The organization sponsored the tournament for the fourth straight year.

Duties of an Assistant Chef

St. Martin de Porres House of Hospitality pic
St. Martin de Porres House of Hospitality

With professional experience in both property development and sprint car racing, Danny Olmstead brings a diverse skill set to his two companies, Residential Foreclosure Wholesale, LLC, and East Bay Holding Co., LP. Interested in various activities outside of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Danny Olmstead enjoys cooking and volunteers his time as an assistant chef with St. Martin de Porres House of Hospitality.

In a professional kitchen, an assistant chef receives directions from an executive or sous chef. Depending on the size of the kitchen, tasks may be confined to properly running a single food station or may be more comprehensive. In any case, the assistant cook must be well-versed in food preparation techniques and also be prepared to learn other aspects of running a kitchen.

Responsible for most of the actual cooking, an assistant chef begins by ensuring food quality through assisting with deliveries, appropriately storing items, and determining whether food should be kept or disposed of after meal services. Other duties involve food preparation, including butchering meats, cleaning seafood, and chopping vegetables. Additionally, assistant chefs taste and test recipes for the executive chef and attractively plate the dishes.

Holiday Volunteer Opportunities at Glide Memorial Church

Glide Memorial Church pic
Glide Memorial Church

An entrepreneur based in Tracy, California, Danny Olmstead serves as owner and president of Residential Foreclosure Wholesale, LLC and East Bay Holding Co., LP. When Danny Olmstead has time away from his work, he participates in charitable endeavors, including serving food at Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco.

With the help of thousands of volunteers, Glide Memorial Church serves more than 2,400 meals every day to Bay Area residents. The holiday season is particularly busy at Glide, and the program provides a myriad of volunteer opportunities specifically for this time of year.

In addition to serving and preparing thousands of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at their facility, volunteers assist with the collection of food, money, and toy donations to be distributed in November and December. Glide partners with large corporations in the area for their Grocery Giveaway, where volunteers have helped fill and donate more than 5,000 bags of food for those in need. Additionally, volunteers can sign up for a shift in the organization’s toy giveaway, where hundreds of donated toys are sorted and moved prior to giveaway day at the church.

Commonwealth Club Recognizes California Writers

Commonwealth Club pic
Commonwealth Club

An experienced executive, Danny Olmstead formerly served as the VP of General Operations for WDO, Inc. Danny Olmstead remains involved in his community as a member of the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco.

The Commonwealth Club of San Francisco is a national public affairs forum that facilitates numerous, impartial discussions/events on a variety of topics. One of its longest-running functions is the California Book Awards.

The club’s annual California Book Awards, founded in 1931, recognizes California’s leading writers in categories such as fiction, non-fiction, young adult, poetry, and Californiana. Each year, the organization’s panel of judges receives hundreds of submissions, and contest winners often go on to pursue lucrative careers in writing. As one of the oldest literary awards in the nation, the California Book Awards has presented medals to a variety of recognizable names in the literary world, including John Steinbeck, Ray Bradbury, and Amy Tan. To view this year’s winners, visit

Ayrton Senna Continues to Inspire After His Death

Ayrton Senna pic
Ayrton Senna

Danny Olmstead, owner of Residential Foreclosure Wholesale LLC and a former race car driver, cites Ayrton Senna da Silva as an inspiration in forging his own racing career. Senna is considered one of the best drivers in the history of Formula One and helped motivate Danny Olmstead to become the best driver he could be.

Senna earned a title as a Formula One (F1) champion three different times. Tragically, he crashed his car into a concrete wall toward the beginning of the San Marino Grand Prix. This accident remains a major part of F1 history.

Senna was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he first began playing with a broken engine in his father’s garage. He started Kart racing when he was four years old, gradually learning his skills from technical trainers and moving from Kart to Formula Ford to Formula Three to Grand Prix racing.

Senna died in his last race when he was 33 years old. By that time, he had earned 41 victories, 65 pole positions, 3 world championships, and 19 fastest laps in 161 races. Today, he is memorialized in the Ayrton Senna Institute, which helps disadvantaged people in Brazil. He donated millions of his own money to open the institute, determined to continue helping others after he died.